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You Clean Air Lawn Care San Jose organic gardener creates beautiful yards and maintains all properties in a sustainable, organic way. Brian has his Santa Clara County Green Gardener Certification and takes his work seriously. Being awarded the Green Gardener certificate means Brian has been trained to conserve water, protect the soil, and reduce waste. In addition the training teaches how to improve the health, appearance and value of landscapes and reduce urban runoff and storm water pollution from landscape maintenance activities.

At Clean Air Lawn Care San Jose, we use custom organic fertilizers and soil builders that effectively create lawns that are lush and green. In addition to our sustainable mowing practices, you can feel great about knowing your San Jose gardener is not only keeping your property looking great, but also keeping your family and pets, the environment and pollinators safe, too.

Sustainable PracticesSan Jose organic gardener - after photo

We mow high and discuss proper water for each unique lawn. In addition, to proper mowing and watering, we mow each lawn with an electric mower that has been charged by the solar-panels atop our trucks.

Grass clippings are a great way to get a bit of nitrogen back into your lawn, we leave them there as we are mowing the top of each blade more regularly instead of chopping the blade down and shrinking your lawns grass roots.

Organic Lawn Treatments

Our lawn treatments are comprised of OMRI certified, custom fertilizers and soil builders. We build the health of your lawn from the roots up in order to create a lawn that is more lush and needs less overall maintenance. When Clean Air is treating your lawn, you will notice the green, thick plants net allowing weeds to get a foothold in the soil.

Other San Jose OrganicGardener Services

  1. Soil testing
  2. Aeration
  3. Bed maintenance
  4. Overseeding
  5. Irrigation consultation
  6. Compost application